22 October 2014

Lullaby of the Butterfly

Tonia Mishiali : 2014
To nanourisma tis petaloudas

A woman receives a mysterious phone call; that same night she has trouble sleeping, tormented with thoughts. Early the next day she abandons her house, grabs a kitchen knife and sets out on a journey to an unknown destination, leaving 'her life' behind. She is a dynamic woman, whose strong need for something is responsible for her engagement in a strange and mysterious situation. The stranger who communicates with her by telephone, seems to be giving her instructions which she follows with secrecy, fear and anxiety. But she doesn't give up, as this great desire of hers, makes her defy any potential danger and ignore all the possible consequences of her actions. Having left everything behind in her life, she travels to the 'world of unlawfulness'. After driving all day, she parks her car at a remote location and waits for someone, something, in the middle of the night. Tonia Mishiali's short premiered at Sarajevo Film Festival 2014, and was winner of the award for Best Film in the National Competition at Cyprus International Short Film Festival 2014.

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